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My new shop

Posted by Mark Lines on

As some might know that's visiting from Etsy. We had a Etsy shop for about 6 months. And, in those 6 months we grew so fast I had over 15,000 sells just on my regular Esty store (not including my tumbler store). I was having issues with Etsy not always sending the digital files to my customers and the results were I would have to do Etsy's job and send the files manually. As, you can figure it got overwhelming for me and my wife so we wanted to get off the Etsy platform. So, we developed this store. So we can have a better customer relationship with our customers. 

We really enjoy conversing with our customers so please send us a message to let us know how we can make things better for you on the website. 

We'll reach out you after you make a purchase just to make sure you got your product and downloaded it ok. It's not to sell you anything else we just want to make sure your happy with your purchase. 


Sincerely yours,

Mark Lines (FSDigitals) 



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